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Some computer security experts have raised warning flags about vulnerabilities in Java and its components. Java 7. What's up with 8? A major update to Java SE, version 8, has also been released. Which version is right for you depends on your system, online habits, and other factors. Java SE Version 7 Update 55 installed easily and seamlessly in our system.

Most of what Java does only becomes apparent when it's missing or disabled, so keep your installation up to date. In addition, two key deployment technologies are part of the JRE: Java Plug-in, which enables applets to run in popular browsers; and Java Web Start, which deploys standalone applications over a network.

This is the official Java Download from Sun Microsystems. Now you have easier hands-free control of Google's music streaming service. The update also includes picture-in-picture to watch videos while you scroll and block. Was this review helpful? Actually installed an updated version of Java, according to the Java website, unlike what the java website kept trying to install.

I'd tried several times to update from the Java site and it didn't seem to be working. I kept getting stuck with version 7 update 45 and a website I visit often kept telling me my version of Java was out of date. Downloaded this, ran it, Firefox restarted and loaded java. Thank you CNET, for hosting this. I think java.

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You'd think they'd know better Seems to work - not aware of any errors or crashes, unlike most other software. I always install the updates just in case it really helps - I dislike the reverse advertising though you accept unless you actively decline! Java Deployment Toolkit has been blocked for your protection. Not being much of a technical person, I rely on these updates to be rather transparent when I install them. I really am very frustrated with this add-on. I wonder if the main reason for the updates is to sneak in new advertisers because if this is the case and I found out I would ditch it in a heartbeat.

I hate being tricked or having my time wasted by greedy advertisers. Anyone know for sure? Please inform? Seems to run good in the background without any problems or trouble. Does what it's suppose to do, and that's a plus IMHO.

I would recommend anyone to download this software, as it seems to make your computer run better and eliminates some problems that might occur if you don't have it up and running on your computer. They are free, except for the wasted time involved in repeatedly downloading the same thing over and over. I can't believe that all these incremental updates are really necessary. Plus Java tries to get the user to download the Ask toolbar and such. Login or create an account to post a review.

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I like. I have not really used similar programs as good as compare this besides my friends recommend this program for me, so I wish to enjoy myself with this experience. Facebook for Every Phone is an official freeware developed by the social network itself and dedicated to mobile devices, even smartphones , that can connect to the internet. Creating this app, Facebook wanted to include all users around the world in the Facebook experience.

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The developers have thought about more than 2. This app enables users of conventional cellphones to access the social networking from anywhere and everywhere. This agreement is to give the user 90 days of free data specifically to try Facebook for Every Phone. Share with your friends how you feel.

This version of Facebook's website essentially provides the most popular characteristics and services found in the web-based version, such as Inbox, News Feed, Photos, View Profile, Notifications, update your Status and 'What's on your mind? See what your friends are sharing, comment or Like their comments and everything else from your mobile phone. Provides essentially the most popular characteristics and services of the web-based version. In the top of the News Feed option, the interface gives you quick links to facilitate access to check your Inbox, Invitations and Requests.

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Facebook for Every Phone This app was designed to any kind of phone such as BlackBerry, also for conventional cellphones that can connect to the internet using 3G or Wi-Fi networks. This download is free and is available in some of most popular languages such as French, Italian, English or Chinese.

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This version is like a smaller version of the web-based version and therefore it offers the most useful aspects of the social networking site: Quick Links to most significant actions. Check your Inbox, Requests of Invitations. Sign in to Cloud Access your cloud dashboard, manage orders, and more. Sign up for a free trial Sign in to Cloud. Java SE. JRE 7 has been the default version on Java. As always, all users are encouraged to update to the most recent Java versions available for public download.

What happens if I have more than one JRE version already installed on my system? My IT department manages the Java versions on my users computers, will this impact me? Will this be a completely silent upgrade? Will all my Java programs continue to work after the update? Can I do a roll-back to JRE 6, and if so how? Can I, as a developer, specify my application to use Java version 6 vs.

Can I get JRE 7 before the auto-update process?

Java 7 Auto-Update and Java 6

What if I have an application that requires Java 6 and is not yet certified with Java 7? What if it is an Oracle Application that requires Java 6 and is not yet certified with Java 7? My system is not a Windows bit system.

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Will My machine be auto-updated to JRE 7?