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The Curve doesn't look exciting, but that's fine given its understated mission. The 2. Typing on the QWERTY keyboard felt great, and I prefer the 's new trackpad to the unreliable old trackball, even if it's a little on the sensitive side. That means it hits 3G data speeds, a boon for Internet browsing, streaming radio, and other data-heavy apps. There's also an Voice calls sounded warm and clear, but not particularly loud, in both directions. One caller said my voice was a little choppier than usual. That's turning out to be a recurring theme with the , which doesn't have quite the same top-notch RF reception as the older BlackBerry Curve 4.

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It's just something to be aware of if you live in an area with marginal Sprint coverage. The speakerphone was nice and loud, as befits a BlackBerry.

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Battery life was disappointing at just four hours of talk time; oddly, that's more than an hour shorter than other Curve variants, even though the battery is the same size. As always, the real draw here is Virgin Mobile's lower monthly prices. None require signing two-year contracts, either. There's also a link to BlackBerry App World, which contains thousands of third-party free and paid apps. Unfortunately, your company still needs a BlackBerry Enterprise Server to sync Exchange calendar and contact info over the air; individual subscribers are stuck syncing with a cable to their PCs.

The standard-size 3. Virgin throws in a tinny sounding pair to get you started, along with a 2GB microSD card. The card slot underneath the battery cover is relatively easy to access, and accepts 32GB cards. My 16GB SanDisk card also worked fine. The music player displayed large album art and was very easy to use. Standalone MP4 and 3GP videos played smoothly in full screen mode, even at 30 frames per second.

The 2-megapixel camera has neither an auto-focus nor a flash, and it takes middling photos both indoors and out. Crank the lights or take pictures on a sunny day, and it will do in a pinch. But it fell down hard in dimmer environments, with barely legible test shots. But i had waited long enough after one day and still no web I called them about the problem, it should only take hrs to get my web started what is going on? Not like they have helped me any They said give till saturday at least.. So i wait..

Now it is saturday and still no phone. I emailed them telling them they shut my phone off without ever telling me. The emailed back saying that the phone was never shut off. I made a complaint to the BBB.. Let them handle it. I am so sick and tired of this company! I have had a Virgin Mobile cell phone now since Love it except, as Southerner said, there is the coverage issue. Paul, but totally lose it traveling outside metro areas and off major roads. The new Virgin plans sound fantastic to me….. IF u get a sprint plan im sure u will have betetr coverage, but since they get charged by whatever tower you use that isnt theirs, they dont allow it.

My rumor 2 apparently is not. Btw there are only 4 phones available for this plan. Any other questions about the rumor2 i have, let me know. But the dropped calls and spotty coverage are big flaws.

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Everyone, I currently have the rumor touch. I love my phone.

Review of virgin mobile blackberry curve 8530

The internet loads fast and I had Virgin Mobile for a year now, and barely have any drop calls. The Rumor Touch has its problems but everyone can work around it. Then i switched to cricket and got screwed. So now im back again and have been working my butt off just to get the Rumor touch.

When i got it, i noticed a paper that came with it listing all the deals on the beyond talk plan. So, what im wondering is, Should i go with the beyond talk or my old plan? My brother and mother had Virgin Mobile for about 4 years and they have more bars than I did with Verizon or T-Mobile Massachusetts resident. Perfect phone for a socialite. Their customer service is pretty solid. When I accidentally charged my bill twice in one month, they sent me a refund immediately.

This plan is so worth it. I have to laugh at my friends who have contracts, with less features than me, and pay more money. May i get some feed back from users that only text , dont really use web and very little talk? Regarding Virgin Mobile service, my wife is using VM for over 4 years and so far, no dropped calls or coverage problem mostly used in tri-state area: On the other hand, I just got Rumor2 for my son and selecting pay-as-you-go plan during activation process completely messed up their system and caused activation application to crash and create multiple accounts in their database.

I was already assigned a phone number during the process but no longer able to continue activation or access my account. Tried to activate the new phone with exactly same result. Looks as VM needs to test their applications before using them in production. I could get onto the internet, but it would crash. I called the first time and they said that it may have been programmed incorrectly. I waited 8 hours. No text.. I called them back, and they reprogramed my phone the 3rd time. She was really kind and helped me try and figure out what was going on. My zip code is The lady helping me came to the conclusion that it might be a defective phone.

The phone itself LG Rumor Touch showed no evidence of defect apart from one—it kept telling me my battery was low even if I charged it overnight. The second woman, however after I explained that I had tried everything and used zero minutes gave me back a full refund.

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The deal sounds too good to be true. Because it is.

I should have taken that as a sign. The only positive from this experience is that unlike other reviewers here, I had an awesome experience with customer service. The two women I spoke with both spoke English well, were highly intelligent and helped me the best they could. Read these reviews and save yourself the stress. Stick with Metro PCS if you want a cheap plan. Steer clear of this mess I got myself into. Those of you using Beyond Talk-a little help with the phone choice, please. Text, IM, heavy web surfing not an issue. Suggestions as to which of the available phones appreciated. I have used VM for over 5 years and I am able to receive and make phone calls in the elevator at our hospital and through the tunnels as I drive without dropping a call.

Currently, I have the good old Cyclops but I bought the Rumor2 for my hubby. I have seen on YouTube that the Rumor Touch has a very tricky touch pad, but the Blackberry looks like it would have a small screen. I want to be able to use the web without my reading glasses. Any suggestions? I just picked up the Rumor Touch for my wife and ported our landline to it. The unlimited text, mms, and data is amazing and the email app is pretty good for a dumbphone.

The touch screen on the Rumor Touch is very quirky. Sometimes it works great for me, sometimes the keyboard is necessary. Something that Virgin Mobile does not disclose is that they block you from downloading apps from getjar. It is still the best value in mobile phones in my area, so I will be getting one for myself as well. I got an e-mail reply to an inquiry about getting the Rumor Touch and keeping my current They said the Loft, the Rumor2, the Rumor Touch, and the Blackberry only use the new beyond talk plan.

I wish I could feel comfortable about getting the Rumor Touch. The reviews are not positive enough for me to take the plunge yet. Plus the data plan is extra. My wife and I both have the cheap plans but I am going to need a smart phone e-mail and web brwosing a must soon for a new job. This looks like the best option. Okay im going to simplify everyones comments for everyone, ready!? Kyocera Prepaid Phone (payLo by Virgin Mobile): Cell Phones & Accessories

This is a ridiculous low amount its allowed to have flaws and for that reason maybe its not right for everyone. However it can be a steal for some people. Yes you have to pay for a new phone, get over it! So about a year ago I finally decided to get a phone in case my wife who has a bad heart needed to contact me in an emergency. She has a TracFone. LG Flare worked great, tough little phone — I dropped it, kicked it by mistake once and lost it in my snowy driveway last winter where it got ran over by my car. Found it, cleaned it up and kept using it.

Still using the LG Flare. Went on a 15 mile hike in the wilderness. Good coverage from Virgin at the trailhead but drops off shortly down the trail. Stashed the phone in my backpack till the return trip, mental note to myself to call my wife upon return to the trailhead. Also told my hiking partner to remind me.