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Backup your iPhone's data.

How To Remotely Wipe Your iPhone Data When Stolen [iOS Tips] | Cult of Mac

Setup the Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone. You must first turn on the Find my iPhone feature on your phone. You must also have an active iCloud account on your device for Find My iPhone to work. In iOS 5. If your firmware is pre-iOS 5 then you will need to follow these instructions instead. Lock access to your iPhone's Location Services settings.

Savvy bad guys will know how to quickly turn the Find My iPhone feature off so you need to disable their ability to turn off locations services. This is done by enabling the Restrictions feature and restricting the ability to modify the Location Services settings. Setting Don't Allow Changes ensures that thieves can't turn off your iPhone's ability to know its location.

The extra time the thief would have to take to try and crack your passcode might make him decide to ditch the phone making its recovery more likely.

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In the event that you are sure you aren't going to get your phone back, use the Remote Data Wipe feature. Once you remote wipe the data on your device you will no longer be able to locate it using Find My iPhone.

The remote wipe should be used only when you're convinced that you are never going to get your device back. Consider it dead to you once you remote wipe it. Review the Warning above before following confirmation instructions to erase the device. This is your last chance to turn back. Open the Find iPhone app from either another iOS device such as an iPad or from a computer's web browser by visiting the iCloud website and logging into your iCloud account.

Tap the device you want to erase from the list. Choose Erase iPhone from the bottom right corner of the screen or window that opens on your browser. If you want your iPhone to wipe its data should the wrong passcode be attempted more than 10 times:. If you already have a passcode, enter it now and skip to step 3. Choose Turn Passcode On , set a passcode and confirm it. The documentation below outlines the process for Android, iOS devices, and Windows 8 phones.

Please note, if your device has been lost or stolen it is a good idea to let your carrier know. You should also consider setting a passcode if you have not already done so. Find My iPhone requires iOS 5 or later. You can select your device from the list in the center of the screen, once the device is found you will see a green dot you can activate lost mode or, in the case of a stolen device, you can issue an erase command.

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  3. Find My iPhone: Erase your device.

The erase command is permanent and will restore your device back to factory settings with all data securely removed. Android devices make use of a Google service called Android Device Manager. Before you can use Android Device Manager, you have to enable it on your device and associate your device with your Google account. If more than one person uses the device, only the device owner can turn on Android Device Manager.

To turn on Android Device Manager on your device, follow the steps below. Once the Android Device Manager is active you can access the lost or erase functions through the Android Device Manager website. You can select your device and issue a lock or erase command.

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  • Follow these steps to learn how to reset and wipe an iPhone or iPad.
  • Erase your device or a family member’s device.
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  • The erase command will restore your device back to factory settings with personal data removed. Windows 8 phones make use of a Microsoft service called Find my Phone to locate and remotely wipe the device. Before you can use the Find my Phone service you will need to make sure you can log into the site windowsphone. Once you have verified that you can log into the site you will need to enable to service on your phone. Once you have enabled these settings you can access the lost or erase functions through the windowsphone.

    How to Remote Wipe an iPhone or iPad

    You can select your device and use the tools on the site to locate, lock, or erase the device if it has been lost or stolen. Skip to main content. Setting up remote wipe on your mobile device Remote wipe is a feature that allows you to remove all data from your mobile device should it ever get lost or stolen. Tap Android Device Manager.

    You have the option of turning on the following Android Device Manager options: Remotely locate this device. For devices running 4.