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If you're bored of the ordinary navigation bar , how about we give it a little twist? Navbar Apps by Damian Piwowarski attempts to paint it in various shades of color. You can even add images from the gallery. Once you get the app, all you have do to is pick a graphic. From charming anime characters to cool emojis, you can keep changing them.

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Interestingly, you can also get the navigation bar to imitate the color of app that is running. However, if you don't want to invest in a third-party app, take a peek at the built-in settings for the navigation bar. Also, if you are not yet used to the Samsung's button layout, you can shuffle them through the Button layout option. I am not one of those who would open the weather app specifically to see forecasts every day. I prefer to have the five-day weather forecasts on the home screen. Thankfully, the default weather app makes it possible. All you have to do is pinch-in on the screen, select Widgets and scroll down to Weather.

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Choose the third option and drag it to the home screen. What I loved about this widget is that you get all the details. Also, if you love to make your own custom widgets, give the Zooper Widget app a shot. It allows you to create widgets in a variety of designs and shapes. Care for a big clock with ultra cool fonts?

[Q] TouchWiz VS. Nova Launcher

Zooper makes it possible. The default Edge Panel settings in the Galaxy Note 9 are anything but pleasant. For one, the handle is at an odd place and it's quite big. Luckily, both of these can be changed quickly. Go to Edge Settings, tap on the three-dot menu and select Edge panel handle. Here, you'd be able to change the position and the handle size as per your liking. Log in here. Feb 13, 7: I recently set up nova launcher prime and installed an icon pack as well.

I noticed I lose my upper most notification tab. This is the tab that reads the battery percentage and time on the top right corner and shows the status if your Bluetooth and alarm and sound is on, as well as your data signal and other pertinent info. How do I get it back? Feb 14, That is actually not true, Lindsay. Nova Launcher doesnt kill the statusbar or something, it's simply an option in Nova's settings.

5 Best Launcher Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

So, open the settings of the Nova Launcher, not system settings. Look for "Look and feel" and deactivate the option to hide the status bar. I sadly can't give you the exact setting as I haven't used Nova Launcher for like 4 years after I switched to Action Launcher. Feb 13, In your display settings check to see if your status bar settings got turned off.

Drag down on your Home screen, you will see a gear icon. Tap on it then go to display then to status bar.

Make sure all toggles are on. That nova prime launcher may have turned them off. I went on the internet and did a little reading about your Nova Prime Launcher. When you installed it your status bar was eliminated! If you want that status bar back you will have to uninstall the launcher.

Change Your Launcher

Although, the Note 8 comes with very a fascinating home screen launcher, i. You can try these launchers to go further, and do an intense customization. These launchers come with tons of customization options. Means, you can completely change the home-screen of Galaxy Note 8, and make it unique.

We hope that our readers would like our list of Android launchers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Probably the best Android launcher app on Google Playstore. More than 10 millions users around that world.

If you like doing intense customization, then this launcher would satisfy your all needs. The Nova Launcher comes with plenty of customization features that helps to edit most of the UI aspects. Most importantly, it is very light. This launcher has been well optimized to run as smooth as possible , and lets you perform actions as fast as your fingers.

Although it looks simple as stock from above, it only takes just a few settings to get a perfect home screen. We highly recommend you to try this launcher first, and see if it fits perfectly on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This one is our all time favorite launcher. This launcher comes officially on Google Pixel smart phones, very identical to Google Now launcher.

If you just like to have a simple home screen launcher with authentic design, and looks, you must have this one. The Pixel Launcher comes with limited customization options. That means, there is nothing much to get confused. If offers you a simple yet very sleek user interface. Which works very smoothly, and most essentially, very easy to use. At the top of app drawer, there is a search option to search installed apps or, redirects to Google Playstore to install that particular app.