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Cash on Delivery not available. Sold by. Positive Seller Ratings. Prayer alarms to reminders of Iqama or salat time for all prayers. Prayer times for most cities in the world. Hijri and Gregorian calendars.

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Product size: Specifications 1. Big screen player 2. More than cities world wide 3. To easy use programming by international dialing telephone code especially in Al-harameen. Could easily modify the difference time prayer to the outskirts of cities adopted it. And http: Awesome work!

Thank you. Has both the Shia and Sunni Azan options but Shia ones are only in paid version i believe. It also has Qibla compass and Quran. Also it's available both in Apple and Android products. I like it and will keep it as long as they have the Shia Azan options. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Home Search In. Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Recommended Posts. It's fair. Like I said before, Azan is a must as per thought by the Prophet pbuh.

It's not that we designed it suka suka. Please refer to post Again, Azan is a must as per thought by the Prophet pbuh. Junior Member Posts: Aug Dec We all know too well how it'll end. Just like the case that started this whole issue. Muslim will rage. This is a fact. Again, my advice to non-muslim Just to share, last time i used to live near a Hindu temple What's wrong with discussing the relevancy of prayer calls?

Ideas and opinions should be exchanged. A topic is only as controversial as you want it to be. To those that consider this a small matter, tell me what exactly defines "big matters"? Is it wrong to openly discuss issues that relates to our living environment? In fact, this should be a national issue since everyone around the vicinity of a mosque is affected.

Let me reiterate my point, a topic is only sensitive when people don't know how to discuss issues properly. I give my opinion, you give your opinion, what's so bad about that? We can always agree to disagree and come to a consensus. If I had my way, I'd banned them all.

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What you didn't know is, the younger generation of practitioners are actually rejecting this sort of tradition. There's a movement urging people to "wise up" and "reject superstitions" for the sake of the environment, by stopping the burning of prayer materials. Instead, prayers should be offered sincerely from the heart, it's the thought that counts and not the rituals. Paraphrased from this video: It's all about their own initiatives.

And to the guy that said prayer calls were part of the prayer process, please enlighten us on how so? Jun From: Example of "big matters": Did you saw how he talk regarding the Bersih Rally 2.

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Azan is seriously kuchilek by comparison. The above, i cannot accept.


Azan, i can live with it. As for josstick, it's tradition Josstick is more a Taoism thing and rooted in the Chinese culture. When i was a kid, i never like those round spring-like looking josstick hanging over my head in the temple And i also agree with banning of firecrackers So many kids have their hands and fingers blown off by it. Ever since the banning, you hardly read such news anymore still happens due to availability of illegal stocks, but much less. In fact, i nearly hurt myself last time playing fire crackers, because no idea how fast this thing can blown Apr From: Added on January 17, , 3: As time passes by new things will be invented, agreed that this is not mentioned anywhere that it is a must to use speakers.

With technology humanity advance. Same goes, I think this was explained earlier in one of the posts.


By using the speakers, the Bilal usually an old man no longer requires to climb stairs and blast his throat out, furthermore the azan can reach more people for prayers. I don't think the topic is controversial. Just 1 person decided that he don't want to talk things out but instead send a letter to the PM.

I can personally take it no prob. But consider the sick, consider the infants whos parents just put them to sleep, consider the old.

Not everyone can take it and go back to sleep rite away. Dats all.

People do read, but your logic only applies to people of your religion; it always has been like that. Blasting prayers right in your ears 5 times a day and reciting countless verses from the Quran for every single event being held is more than enough. The two actions above are very much different from Hindus ringing their bells or Chinese burning their incense because the actions above shove Islam in your face. You keep pushing the drug you're addicted to because you feel like that particular drug is superior to all the other drugs other people are taking.

You keep advertising how wonderful this drug is and then proceed to say you're not pushing your ideology. Either ignorance, delusion or outright lying. When people ask you to stop advertising your drug, you say it's your right. How else to argue?